Organic Produce
Grown right here at Sunflower Farms! We provide Organic Produce such as, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini, green tomatoes, summer squash, jalapenos and pumpkins.

Jams & Jellies
Locally sourced, these Jams & Jellies have a beautiful combination of fruit and honey. Each jar is packed full of perfectly ripe fruits and paired with a precise amount of honey in order to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness. No added junk, just pure, natural fruit and honey.

Prickly Pear Juice
Hand-picked, hand-pressed and jarred at Sunflower Farms. Each 32-ounce container provides 100% PURE Prickly Pear Juice, no added flavor, color or preservatives.

Raw Honey 
Harvested from over 1,500 hives, which have been distributed throughout the Sonoran Desert, is what makes this Honey truly local. Pure, raw and unpasteurized gives this Honey its award-winning flavor.

Palisade Peaches
Peaches so beautiful in color and full of sweet goodness is the reason we have partnered with an orchard in Palisade, Colorado. Grown in a perfect climate along with an extended growing season, these Peaches erupt with savory sweetness.

Smoke & Fire
Sunflower Farms own Smoked Chipotle Pepper Spice starts with the robust and powerful jalapeno pepper, grown right at Sunflower Farms. Smoked to perfection and ground for the spice jar, this spice is sure to please those who want to add a little heat to their dish.



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