Palisade Peaches

Peaches so sweet and juicy you just might need a bib! Grown in the "Peach Capital of Colorado" at 4728 feet, Palisade is located in Southwestern Colorado. Surrounded by canyons and banked on the Colorado River, the climate in Palisade offers a remarkable 182 day growing season (ideal for those plump peaches).

Our 72 Hour Guarantee

Sunflower Farms will guarantee a 72 hour window from when the peaches are picked to when they are making your taste buds dance with sweet joy. That's right, if you pre-order by mid-June, you will have your peaches in hand (or mouth) within 72 hours from when they are hand picked from the tree!

Pre-Order Your Peaches Here

Please contact us for more details on pre-ordering your juicy peaches.